Prayers for the 5th Sunday in Lent. 29th March

Click on the movie below to view Ruth’s recording 'Prayers for the 5th Sunday in Lent.'

This recording will go live at 10.15am, and will be available all day.

Prayers for 5th Sunday in Lent. 29th March.

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If you would like to view previous videos made by Ruth, click on the links below.

Prayers for Thursday 26th March - this link takes you to the Facebook page. You will need to scroll down until you reach the video. If you can't hear the sound, make sure that you set the volume to 'on'  - bottom right of the video.

Bishop Keith: "What does a good day look like"


St John's Church Sandiway

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Click on the link below to view up to date information on Coronavirus (COVID-19) guidance for churches.

All parishes are required to participate in a Past Cases Review, commissioned by the Church of England. PCR2, as it is known nationally, is part of the Church's ongoing scrutiny of its handling of past and current safeguarding cases. An Independent Reviewer will be looking at files relating to church officers in this parish, both lay and ordained, past and present. 

Individuals who wish to make representations to the PCR2 process, or who need to come forward with information or make any disclosures, are encouraged to make direct contact with the Diocesan Safeguarding Adviser. However, recognising that this may not feel safe for those with a lived experience of abuse from within the Church, a dedicated telephone helpline - 0800 80 20 20 - operated independently from the Church, by the NSPCC, has been set up.




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