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Posted by David Horsfield 25-02-2019

I attended St. Johns until I left England to live in the USA in 1968.I live in Alpena, Michigan and attend a country multi denominational chapel in Presque Isle, USA. While spending the winter in Bandera, Texas I am attending the St. Christophers Episcopal church and get much enjoyment from the church of England communion service, it brings back such fond memories of St. Johns. Feeling maybe a little home sick, I found your web sight and have found it very enjoyable, and lo and behold, I find my twin brother John in Australia has been here before me and left a post. I also remember Basil-Jones.Thank you for the great memories. David Horsfield

Posted by Ann Rudman 02-02-2019

My daughter-Mrs Mandy Shaw- had passed to me the St.John's Advent Calendar 2018 as I had been struggling to cope with the loss of my dear husband after being married for almost 62 years. I wanted St John's to know how much comfort I derived from the daily readings and Prayers. Also I enjoyed the adventures of Bonzo! I realise a lot of work must have gone into the preparation and wish to express my appreciation of the efforts involved. wish A Happy New Year to all who may read this. Anne Rudman

Posted by Audrey Harland 22-12-2018

My very best wishes for Christmas and 2019 to my treasured and very long time friend, Joan Fullbrook, thank you Joan for introducing me to Sue , Stewart, Nora and, of course, the all important Bonzo. Although old age, distance and hearing problems, etc make e mail my main form of communication these days, thank you for accepting me into your community. I hope 2019 brings good fortune to us all. Much love and thanks, Audrey Harland

Posted by Gill Jones on 25th February 2018

Happy memories of Our wedding in March 1992.  Sadly Gwyn my husband passed away in 2016 but the whole day was so special with the young people of Sandiway Theatre Group singing, the wedding and the wonderful reception in the Church Hall.  St Johns will always hold a special place in my heart and I wish all my wonderful friends I made and of course my (not so young now) young people every fond wish.   Gill Jones now resident in Nantwich and member of St Mary’s congregation.                                                                                   

Posted by Margaret Harwood on 25th December 2017

Yet again, another lovely Advent calendar.

Posted by Audrey on 25th December 2017

My thanks to Stewart and Sue and all members of the Prayer Group, particularly my long time friend, Joan Fullbrook,  for allowing me to join Bonzo on his Advent walk... I wish  you all a happy Christmas.
Best wishes for 2018.    Audrey Harland

Posted by John Horsfield on 2nd January 2017

Interesting reading the emails particularly Brice Burgum which is set in my era in Sandiway. And yes well remember Rev Basil Jones, he married us in 1967. Like Arthur Tanner I now reside in Australia, Melbourne. Have been back to Sandiway a few times, my parents are buried at the cemetary down Weaverham Road. Not come across any of my peers whilst in the vicinity. My route to Australia was via New Zealand where I lived for 31 years and have now been in Melbourne for 19 years. Got to say I prefer the warm weather down here. We attend St George's Anglican church here which is just as welcoming as Sandiway. God's blessing to you from down-under and may 2017 be spiritually fruitful JB

Posted by Margaret Harwood 25-12-2016

Yet again, another excellent Advent calendar and although it was expected, a beautiful ending.   It made one think about the precious gifts, which aren't always appreciated.  Thank you and 'Happy Christmas'.

Posted by Nicola Boot 4th December 2016

Thank you! We listened to the advent calendar today, and were very pleased that Bonzo is off on a journey again. Toby was very excited all day looking forward to finding out what he's been up to! Loved the newsroom. Nicola, Matthew, Jessica and Toby

Posted by Margaret Harwood 25/12/2015

Excellent Advent Calendar, a great way to start the day. The whole concept was well thought out and executed. I loved it. Well done to all who produced it.


Posted by Nicola Boot 02/12/2015

Thank you for the advent recordings. We've loved the first two and are looking forward to tuning in tomorrow! Love the jokes! Nicola, Matt, Jessica and Toby


Posted by Fiona Goulden 22/11/2015

I love seeing your constantly updated pages.  I enjoy reading about all the activities and community events of St John plus what the choir have been doing. The other links such as services on you tube are a super idea too.                 

Email sent by Brice Burgum 26-12-14

I did manage to track Arthur (Tanner) down to a Parish in South Australia and spoke to him on Christmas day morning - amazing, we are both 67 now and he left with his family on the '£10 ticket' when we were about 14yrs old. We both used to go to the Air Cadets together in Northwich and attended Weaverham County Secondary School. Headmaster was HH Christian who said he practised 'Christian' disipline.

I remember well the church youth club and our friends there. Margaret Cox, Gillian Chapman, Roger Everell, David Proudfoot Jill Gouldney, Diane Surtton and many more. The Vicar was Basil Jones, a kind and friendly man who all loved (this was not always the case in those days for priests, most were very 'stand offish'

I now live in Heswall on the Wirral. I run a small charity known as 'African Womens Aid Network' helping in a small way the very poorest women & children in Kenya and Uganda (just returned from Uganda). Website is out of date but is

Born a Catholic but always close to staunch teenagers who were regular members of St Johns. This gave me a more rounded view of Christianity rather than the narrow view I got at the Catholic church in Weaverham. I would say I am now a non denominational Christian. Even in our charity we are secular BUT give much encouragement to those of faith, muslim and others alike. Need is need. It is not unusual at all in East Africa for families to have mixed faiths.

I remember one time at St Johns, Rev Basil needed the grounds of the church sorting out. They were so overgrown at the time. No clear view of the church that you now see. We had a talk to others at the youth club and due to Basils charisma there was a huge effort and the grounds were clear in just one weekend. Those who volunteered were not just church members but virtually the whole of those attending the club. (plus a few adults)

St Johns had a wonderful community spirit in those days. As a teenager I said to my mum one day 'They must be better Christians at St Johns because they don't have to go to Sunday service and they do. But we Catholics are forced to go under threat of mortal sin!  I think my parents thought me a heretic.

Best wishes
Brice Burgum

Extract of message sent by Barbara. Posted here on 16th August 2014

We also enjoyed visiting your Church again. We both were aware of a very vibrant congregation, growing in worship, praising The Lord and praying with faith.
We felt welcomed and very much belonging to you all worshiping The Lord. Please, give our greetings to your vicar John and to everyone and tell them how much we have enjoyed joining your worship in the morning and evening services.
Bless you and thank you again for a magnificent week end.
Lots of love from us both

Poated 25th July by David Bruce

Great website.  I feel proud of it...David


Posted 14th July 2014 by Arthur Tanner

Greetings. I lived in Sandiway as a young boy - 1950/63 - and attended St. Johns S/S and church. I have been an Anglican priest now for 25 years in Dec this year. Have longed to let you know local lad came good. Blessings, Arthur.

Posted 26th May 2014 by John Kyle

I am so pleased with this latest website - it really puts us on the map. Well done!

Posted by Mark Higginbottom 7th October 2020

On 2nd June 1963 I enjoyed my Baptism at the church. I was 3 months old.