The process so far has been a consultation in Chester Diocese to which 430 church groups and individuals contributed their thoughts and views on who the next Bishop should be and the qualities he or she should have. Based on that consultation the 'Vacancy in See Committee' (the special name given to the group which coordinates the diocese part of the process) has produced a diocesan Statement of Needs describing the diocese and stating the desired profile of the next Bishop of Chester.

We have been given a single printed copy and asked to display it in church for parishioners to read but as there is only a single copy we have to ask that it remains in place for everyone to see. 

A copy can be read here.

The Vacancy in See Committee have now completed their part of the process which now continues with the Crown Nominations Committee (CNC) which meets on 3rd February and 16th March. More details of the whole process to date and going forward can be seen here: